This year you have decided to go on holidays to Burgundy! But what aspect of the region do you want to focus on? The wine, the romantic side, the urban facet of the region or the surprising face of Burgundy?

In the heart of Burgundy’s vineyard country, feast your eyes on the characteristic landscape criss-crossed by picturesque roads. With all of your family or just the two of you, you can mix and match – wine tastings at an estate, cycling through the vineyards, as you wish!

From north to south, Burgundy is a bucolic land. In summer or in winter, discover its evolving landscapes and its colourful fields. Official Nature and Rural Destination Spots (Stations Vertes), the Most Beautiful Villages in France (Les Plus Beaux Villages de France), the Morvan Regional Nature Park (Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan), the options are endless! Do a bit of everything by acting the tourist on foot, on a bike or on a boat.

Chalon Sur Saône, Dijon, Beaune – have a look at urban Burgundy. After guided tours, unplanned wanderings, shopping and city walks by day, don’t forget to venture out into Burgundy by night!